About us

The successful course of our accounting firm, which was founded in 2016, guarantees a reliable and responsible business associate. Each individual case is important to us, and therefore our approach to each project remains meticulous no matter its individual parameters. Thus, we provide solutions tailored to the particular features of our clients. Our aim is, through steadfast cooperation, to build relationships of mutual trust, which will in turn contribute to the development of strong foundations of an enduring business partnership.

Our services

Accounting Services
A modern and qualified accounting firm is the key to a healthy and successful business. Present-day accounting firms do not simply collect financial data. Indeed, an accounting firm is one of the basic tools of Management, as it supplies information through financial reports which aid in decision-making and in the accurate formation of a business strategy.
Tax Advisory Services
In a constantly shifting tax environment, where case-law continually changes, our accounting firm can provide the best solutions to the individual needs of each client. Our team, whose main objective is the achievement of our clients’ business goals, contributes to the formation, application, and management of all tax affairs.
Consultancy Services
The consultancy services we offer focus on the identification and eventual solution of current financial issues, without being limited to the narrow confines of regular accounting support. Our clients enjoy personalised and attentive services, which shape an environment of stability and expertise. In this way, the entrepreneur will not have to waste time on accounting, tax, and financial-related technicalities. All of our team members are able to not only recognise the particular needs of every business, but also to suggest the appropriate solutions. Our work is reinforced by a wide network of associates, such as lawyers, notaries, data entry clerks and expert business advisers, in order to ensure the quality of our services in the complex and demanding financial environment that we live in.
Management Accounting – Payroll Services
The services we provide regarding payrollfulfill the demands of tax and labour law, as well as the needs of both the financial and the administrative department of your business. We deliver accurate payrol calculations with the aim of reducing business cost, as well as documents in that department and generally related to your employees.
Tax Return Forms
Your tax return form is not just another project to us – it is our moral obligation. We are by your side, ready to help you with your tax affairs so as to avoid any mistakes, big or small, mainly regarding property matters which could prove costly. Why should you risk a mistake which could later hurt you, when you could instead trust our expertise, which always guarantees a favorable result?
Employment – Pension
Matters related to pension, which are continuously changing, pose a major concern for all workers in both the private and public sector. We are here to guide you and to provide the best possible solutions in the most professional and responsible way.
Other Services
Each one of our clients is unique and important, and that is the reason why resolving any procedural issues between them and an administrative body is a personal matter to our firm. We are committed to the provision of proper and legitimate solutions to every problem and demand.

We offer

Salary, benefit, insurance contributions, number and type of national insurance payments according to your profession checks

Accounting advice and representation regarding differences in Social Security Institute (IKA) and Labour Inspectorate

Consultation on topics related to redundancy and the equivalent severance pay

Consultation on other employment matters, such as change of working hours, maternity and childbirth leave, as well as other worker’s rights

Advice and representation in labor disputes in Social Insurance Institution and Labor Inspection


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